“At dawn” official trailer

At Dawn – Official Trailer (720p) from Rodrigo J Lopez on Vimeo.

Some time ago my friend Rodrigo J. Lopez (@RodrigoJLopez) started to write a short film, just recently he finished filming it and embarked in the process of editing the film with the help of music video producer and film maker Vassili Shields (@vassilishields). I have been lucky to help him with a few things, there is a lot of work to do so for now here is the official trailer to get a sense of what this movie will be looking like in the near future. For this particular part Rodrigo and I worked on the audio mixing and sound design for the trailer using protools amongst other cheap tricks 😉 kind of like a first trial at what awaits us for the whole film. we used some stock music, audio from set and some special effects here and there to create the atmosphere, get your headphones or a good set of speakers and turn it up!! any mobile device speakers will not do justice to it. For the final film we will do the same thing except we will write a custom score. Exciting!!



Enjoy, Comment and Share with all your contacts!! spread the word.

Carlos Cristerna.

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