SombreroDos 2010 Collection UnoOne

(Post Updated for Iphone and Ipad) SombreroDos is a Music project that I started right when I moved to the “US of A”. last year I collected a few songs and “released” them over the internet as an album called “Uno_One” the concept of having the name both in spanish and english came up just because everywhere I look around here there are signs that read that way (Restrooms, restaurants, fire exits and so on)….”DosTwo” was the first one and everything went on from there. it is a slow process but at the end of the day I liked them a lot. feel free to download them and use them for your personal entertainment, anything other than that would be a CRIME!! 😉


This track was written for the 24hr film race for the short “I <3 you" produced by Neoscape but did not make the cut DomingoSunday [soundcloud url=""] [audio src=""] This track was a first test at programing in reason and not using my guitars as the main element CaminandoWaliking [soundcloud url=""] [audio src=""] Track also written for the 24hr film race, this one did make the cut and is used for the credits PatosDuck [soundcloud url=""] [audio src=""] Track written by Cristian Sanchez and me a long time ago and never finished VerdeGreen [soundcloud url=""] [audio src=""] with this track I wanted to explore a more complex piece of music in terms of the guitar element DosTwo [soundcloud url=""] [audio src=""] Second song of the collection after "PatosDuck" this was the first attempt at using Reason and Audition wired SalidaExit [soundcloud url=""] [audio src=""] one of the songs the represents what I like a song to be more than anything, simple and strong. also this was the first succesful track (in my mind) after all the other attempts of recording a song AbajoDown [soundcloud url=""] [audio src=""] and the favorite one, the one that combines all the qualities of the above

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  1. Que pedo Inche? – Me gustó jammear con algunos de tus tracks, en especial VerdeGreen…chidos todos!

    Abrazo fuerte,


      1. Ya estás, acabo de ver que hay nueva música, la voy a checar. Si tengo un buen de música en el baúl, esperando pronto poder dedicarle tiempo para trabajar en ella y por qué no, quizá publicar algo. Pero la lira la sigo tocando de harina, aunque sea la acústica…Saludos y felicidades por las nuevas fotos!

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