Mexico City (well, just the airport)

So, the traveling did not stop in Calgary, as I said I did go to all the NAFTA countries and the only one left was Mexico. I was invited to speak at a conference and I really didn’t take any photos. But when I was waiting at the gate for my departure I did. Mexico city airport is cooler from the inside than outside. Anyway here it is.

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Carlos Cristerna

The coolest views (Calgary)

Happy new year!

To kick off the year I will continue to show you a few shots of last year travels around the NAFTA countries. This time it was Calgary, Canada. I have to say the views here are some of the coolest ones I have seen. This set of photos represent the 3rd trip in less than a month at which point traveling was getting a bit old but the views did make up for the stress of waiting for good weather for an aerial shoot.

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Carlos Cristerna.

First time in the mountain (Montana)

Here we go with the second post on the traveling month I had. Right after DC I flew to Montana to see a client, we had a blast thanks to our client and had a chance to experience something not many people get a chance to see. There are many reasons to love my job. Thanks job!!

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Carlos Cristerna

South Carolina

Its been a while, but here are a few new photos that I took while working on Charleston South Carolina. I was very surprised to find a very cool place to enjoy on a vacation, so I Will have to go back there with the whole family in the future for sure.

Anyway, take a look, enjoy share and comment.

Carlos Cristerna