China…A year ago

Ok, I hope to keep this up again; Here is my first post in a very long time. These are photos I took about a year ago in Shanghai China when I had the opportunity to travel there for work a few times. The first time was to do a photo and video shoot with a large group of people, it was challenging, exciting and fun, it was something we have never done before. The second time was to hand deliver the project to the client, this time I was alone for a week, I had very few interactions with people except for the occasional messaging to the “west” over the “great firewall” of China to friends and family. Taking photos was all I could do to not go crazy, on the upside I had already been to all of these places and knew my way around so it was less scary.

Anyway, here they are.

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Carlos Cristerna


Boston, I have gotten to love this place. There is something about it that you cant really describe with words much less if you are a Mexican like me that learned how to speak English watching HBO and Cinemax in the 80’s.

So, I had the fortune yet again to go to one of those great places the city has to offer, Fenway park. A coworker of mine was kind enough to share awesome tickets with me. Fenway park is terribly small and definitely not made for people that don’t like sports that much (me). HOWEVER! with free tickets, free parking, hot dogs, peanuts, pretzels, my camera and my family I can appreciate a good old ball game.

Here are a few photos of aforementioned place.

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Carlos Cristerna.