After producing “Airport Stories” we decided to embark ourselves on something a little bit more complicated. in this case more time, resources and patience were involved but at the end we produced a short animation we all are proud of at Neosacpe. Enjoy and comment

Carlos Cristerna

Airport Stories

Produced like one and a half years ago at Neosape it all came naturally after exploring an old fictitious airport space designed at Neoscape, first a few renderings for a new project pitch, then a short animation based on the stills images. Enjoy and comment.

Carlos Cristerna

I Heart You

Created in 24 hours by Team Neoscape for the Boston Film Race 2010 based on a theme (for sale) and surprise element (a phonebook). For more information on Film Racing and to learn how to participate, visit

On this instance I was tasked with making some music, I ended up writing 2 songs and 2 ambient Songs, at the time writing the songs I did not know what the whole movie will look or be about, so of the 2 songs we ended up using “Caminando_Walking” for the titles only. At the end of the day I did refine the songs and included them in my 2010 collection of my music project called “SombreroDos”. go to the music section of the blog to check out the rest of the songs.


“ElectronElectron” ended up on the cutting floor


The Pact

After going trough the painful but fun process of the 24 hour film race, Rodrigo Lopez producer/director and one of Neoscape creative directors decided to get us all in a 100 hour film race. 80% of the “volunteers” of the 24 hour race somehow vanished from the face of the earth, but that did not stop us. On this film I was tasked with writing music again, this time with more time and knowing what the movie would be like. I also participated in shooting the main photography alongside one of the greatest music video producers Vassili Shields (Follow him on Twitter @vassilishields). Filming was done in one day, the music was written the same day during the night so I would not lose inspiration after an exciting day of shooting. It was particularly fun to shoot this at one location and racing against the short Boston winter days. Editing and post processing were done at Neoscape Studios in Boston at later days and nights. Watch the movie, listen to the full music tracks Enjoy and comment.


TheSavior_Alternate Version