A few tests on Vray 3.0

For the past months I have been playing with Vray 3, now is out and I believe is the best version yet, is fast, simpler than ever, organized and packed with new features a mortal like me will never use…..I even like the Vray frame buffer that I hated so much before! 😉 What really matters to me is that is FAST, so fast I rendered and post processed in Photoshop all these on my Surface pro 1 (4GB, i5 1.7ghz).

Most of these images are based on photos I saw online that I loved lighting and composition so as an exercise I quickly built similar spaces and tried to get the light accurately right out on the beauty pass to do very minor Photoshop, just some contrast color and accents. The ultimate goal being to treat the renderings like I would do a photograph in Lightroom so not to Photoshop the hell out of them.

So, here they are, enjoy,share and comment!!

Carlos Cristerna


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